Without Surgery! Non Surgical Breast Enlargement Tactics

More an more women are choosing natural breast enhancement methods vs the typical breast enlargement surgery. If you’re one of them, then continue reading because I’m gonna show you can apply these in your specific case:

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How To Achieve Breast Enhancement Without Surgery

A very common surgery that many women have today is breast enlargement operations. By visiting a cosmetic surgeon in your area, or a couple of them, you can get a rough idea of what will happen during and after the surgery, and also how much it will cost.

Regardless of which cosmetic surgeon you talk to, the price will always be several thousand dollars. On top of that, there are some risks with this particular type of surgery, including infections, and the possibility that the silicone or saline implants will leak causing internal problems later on.

To offset the cost of doing the surgery, and most importantly to avoid any potential problems, you can also increase the size of your breasts using natural remedies. Yes, you read that right: There are in fact effective non surgical breast enhancement options available to you right now.

This article will address why most women would want to avoid surgery, what natural herbs and changes in their diet can help them increase their breast size, and how exercising and massages can also help any woman achieve this goal.

Bigger Breasts: Why Women Want to Get Them Without Surgery

The primary reason that more women today than ever before are looking at natural solutions for increasing their breast size is because of the many complications that have been publicized on the Internet, and also on television, in regard to having breast enlargement surgery.

Some of the problems that may occur include the development of scar tissue, capsular contracture that can develop around the implant, the rupture of the implants, and changes in breast and nipple sensations.

Definitely huge reasons why to consider using other alternatives. But don’t worry, we are gonna cover the most effective ones, right now:

Method #1: The Use of Natural Herbs

natural herbsOne of the top choices for achieving a larger breast size without the use of surgery is to use natural herbs in your diet.

Some of the most popular natural herbs include Saw Palmetto berries, Dong Quai Root extract, Medicago sativa and Kudzu Root extract.

When used together, these herbs will not only help increase the breast size of women, but also support a healthier reproductive system.

This is a much better choice over surgery because there are no surgical risks involved.

Method #2: Eating the Right Food Everyday

right foodIf you would prefer not using herbs or other breast enlargement supplements, you can actually increase your breast size by simply changing your diet.

The easiest way to begin to accomplish this is to increase the amount of oils and healthy fats that you consume every day. The reason that this works is because your breasts are made of both muscle and fat tissue.

You can also increase the number of phytoestrogens that you eat which can be done by consuming more soybeans, soy milk, and vegetables like yams, beets and carrots.

By increasing the ratio of fat that is within your body, your breast size will naturally increase.

The only drawback to this particular strategy is that you may also gain weight in other areas including your waist, thighs and hips. This is why more women are moving away from changing their diet to increase their breast size to doing exercises that can produce similar results, which leads us to…

Method #3: The Practice of Exercises

women exercisingThe way that exercising can actually change your breast size has to do with doing exercises that build your pectoral muscles.

By lifting weights, specifically doing push-ups or bench press, you can build these muscles to a larger size.

Unfortunately, this solution to avoiding breast surgery is negligible in regard to the results that can be achieved.

Breasts primarily consist of fat not muscle, so any change in your breast size as a result of building up your pectoral muscles will be hardly noticeable.

There is one final method that you can use that may allow you to increase your breast size without any change to your exercise routines, diet, or the requirement of taking certain supplements. It has to do with massaging your breasts, a technique that many women have used and have had good results. Let’s take a look…

Method #4: Massaging the Breasts

massage breastsThe reason that massaging your breasts can actually help increase their size is because the massage will actually stimulate the release of hormones.

The more estrogen that you have in your body, the more likely that your breast size will increase.

Massage also increases circulation, as well as the production of estrogen, which will carry to breast receptors causing them to grow larger.

Finally, by stimulating your nipples, or breast tissue, prolactin secretion will occur.

This will also aid in the natural increase in the size of your breasts all without surgery. Although this method does work, there is one final alternative that you should use which without a doubt provides the best results.

Method #5 – Best One: The “Breast Actives” All Natural Program

And of course, if we are talking about non surgical breast augmentation options, then we can’t forget to mention the #01 commercial product in the field: Breast Actives.

breast activesBreast Actives is a natural breast enhancement system that is comprised of three simple steps. It uses all natural ingredients in order to stimulate the growth of breasts naturally.

In combination with an exercise routine that can help stimulate breast growth even more, you just have to simply take one pill every day either before or just after breakfast and you are gonna start to see results in just a few months.

This system also has a super effective cream that will be massaged into your breasts each morning as well. This combination of supplements and the breast enhancement cream, along with the exercise program, has produced excellent results for thousands of women that have used this all natural breast enlargement system for more than 10 years and counting.

The goal of obtaining larger breasts is one that millions of women have today. Breast augmentation surgery is a popular option, yet one that comes with some amount of risk and is quite expensive.

If you would like to avoid breast surgery due to all of the potential complications that may occur and also the large cost of it, then by taking Breast Actives you will be able to see excellent results using this proven system, one that utilizes only natural ingredients and a simple but effective exercise program.

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