4 Effective Methods To Naturally Enlarge Breasts Safely

Thanks for stopping by! Are you ready to start increasing the size of your breast naturally and without any complications like the ones you get with surgery? Well, then you’re ready to see these 4 great methods to naturally enlarge your breasts without any risks. You can even start using them right now!

enlarge your breasts

For many women, one of their primary objectives is to look their absolute best. Some women will focus on the makeup that they use to improve their appearance, whereas others will use dieting and exercise to create a healthy physique.

Now… One way that women can dramatically improve the way that they look is to augment the size of their breasts.

To do so, one of the most well-known options is to opt for breast augmentation surgery to increase their overall size. This is a surgery that thousands of women have every year, one that can produce virtually instant results, yet it is very expensive not to mention very DANGEROUS as well.

If you have a goal of increasing your breast size, but you would prefer not using surgery, then I’m glad to tell you that there are other ways you can achieve this objective without the need for any kind of operation.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’re gonna know all the viable options that there are at your reach, and even one alternative that you could be using RIGHT NOW! (See Option #5) for natural breast enlargement.

Sounds good? Then let’s start!

The Big Question: Why Women Want to Naturally Enlarge Their Breasts?

When women decide to avoid breast augmentation surgery, it is usually for one of three reasons. The cost of the surgery can be several thousand dollars, something that may not be in their budget. Others will avoid surgery because of the complications that can occur such as infections, loss of breast sensitivity, etc. And finally… the potential for rupturing the implants.

If this occurs, it can cause the silicone or saline solution to go into your body which can lead to significant health issues (to say the least). To avoid surgery, women actually have different methods available for them on how to naturally enlarge breasts without needing to go through any type of surgery. Those very same options to increase breast size naturally are the ones we’re gonna be discussing right now.

Of course there are other options, in the form of products such as the famous Natural Curves or the well-known Naturaful, but before start digging into those kind of solutions, let’s first see the more general ones:

Option #1: Building Muscle Mass

push up womanIt is possible for women to do certain exercises that are gonna build muscle mass in their upper chest, which can cause their breasts to look larger.

By doing bench press exercises, or push-ups on a regular basis, they can augment their breast size, but only slightly. Now, there’s something you must be aware of in case you want to go this route:

Since your breasts primarily consist of fatty tissue, muscle building is probably not the best option for increasing breast size.

In any case, let’s take a look at the kind of the exercises you can do from home so you can start increasing (although not so effectively) the size of your bust line:

Option #2: Augmenting Your Diet

woman eatingThere are several types of food that you can eat and effectively increase the size of your breasts. But there’s a trick of course:

You need to consume foods that will increase the amount of estrogen in your body (almost in the same way to how birth control pills can achieve similar results) that way you’ll start to notice your breast size increasing over time.

You can also eat food that has higher concentrations of healthy oils and fats.

By eating foods high in phytoestrogens such as fruits and vegetables including cherries, carrots, yams and beets, this will stimulate estrogen production.

Soy products including edamame, fake meat products, and soy milk can add more phytoestrogens, and avocados, nuts, and oily fish can add more oil and fat to your body.

The reason that women will shy away from this particular natural breast augmentation technique is that it tends to imbalance their hormone levels and cause them to gain from a little to a considerable amount of extra weight.

Option #3: Increase Your Sex Hormones

woman taking sex hormonesLet’s talk about how to get a bigger breast size by increasing sex hormones within your body. In order to do this, you must increment specific types of hormones:

For example, by increasing estrogen levels, as well as progesterone and testosterone, you’ll find out that the combination of these three hormones working together can actually increase the size of your breasts.

Now, something to consider and that you may not know: Although the female body only produces a small amount of testosterone, it should not be elevated to high amounts. Why? Because then a reduction in breast size will occur.

Yes, while some women have good results following this route, this alternative can create the opposite effect you’re looking for if you don’t use it correctly.

Besides those three main ones, there is another hormone called prolactin which is produced by the pituitary gland and can actually increase estrogen receptors in your breasts. Thus effectively increasing the probability that your breasts will increase in size.

There are many ways to increase your hormone levels, so it’s preferred that you talk to your doctor before start any procedure.

Option #4: Use Natural Herbs

using natural herbsSo when you hear about products such as Bustmaxx or others similar to it, then you realize something very interesting:

These kind of products are based on special selected herbs that you can take to increase your breast size because they contain phyto-estrogens.

In case you don’t want to buy an already formulated product, you can take this kind of herbs individually.

Some of the most effective are: wild yam, fenugreek, damiana, fennel and saw palmetto berry.

By taking these herbs every day, you’ll start to notice an obvious change in the size of your breasts over several months through continuous use.

And by combining all of them together, it can also help to increase your sex drive (which on the other hand can be diminished when using fennel alone).

Now… Although you could try to mix and match different herbs by yourself hoping to get the best results, there is a great way to achieve a larger breast size using both natural herbs AND also a combination of other elements (all 100% safe) that are designed to help you increase the size of your breasts. And with that been said, let me introduce you the next option:

Option #5: Using a Step By Step Program At Home: “Breast Actives” (Best Option)

Ok, so we have reviewed all the most common alternatives to increase the size of your breast BUT I saved the best one for last.

Let me tell you a little bit about this step by step program I discovered months ago: Breast Actives.

about breast activesBreast Actives is a proven formula that has been used by many women to successfully increase the size of their breasts only using the supplement, cream, and exercise program included with this product.

By using this proven solution, you will start to see that your breasts are becoming larger and firmer than ever before.

In fact, a few women have seen results in as little as three weeks by using the product as recommended (although the average time to use it for maximum effectiveness is 4 months)

So by simply taking the supplement portion in the morning, and massaging the cream into your breasts before you start your day, you will start to see a noticeable difference in your breast size allowing you to look better than ever before.

Combined with the exercise program that comes with the system, you will begin to understand why this proven product is so popular nowadays. If you truly want to avoid breast augmentation surgery because of the potential risks, and the high cost of having this cosmetic surgery, Breast Actives is an excellent choice for achieving shapelier fuller breasts.

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So what do you think?? Did I get your attention and you’re looking to know more?? If so, then please go ahead and check out my full review of the Breast Actives system using the link above so you can find out if this 100% natural program is or isn’t for your specific case.